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The Perfect Combination Against Food Waste

Every day vast amounts of food is put into the garbage.

2/3 of the total food waste is good for consumption and could be avoided.

This avoidable food waste creates a negative environmental footprint during production, transport and processing. A reduction of food waste results in a decrease of release of greenhouse gases and with that contributes positively to the efforts towards stopping climate change.

KITRO – Swiss made!

KITRO is a Swiss start-up founded by Anastasia Hoffmann and Naomi Mackenzie, who met at the École hôteliére de Lausanne. They use their practical experience in the hospitality industry and in IT and have developed an innovative solution in food waste management with KITRO.

Wastage of Resources

Waste Prevention

The system K5 is a premium and technically matured IoT-solution for food waste mangement. It measures the disposal, enters data in the system and values can be analysed at the puch of a button.

K5 is installed at various points of production in the kitchen and at the dish washing. Food waste can be disposed as usual. K5 automatically records type of waste, weight and costs. It operates at small amounts as 40g!

The big advantage: K5 is able to recognise dressed dishes, e.g. returned plates can be systematically analysed and allow considerations on potential adjustments on the size of the portions.

You can deploy several K5 systems simultaneously or move one system around where and when it is needed.

Your profit: ROI - Return On Investment

ROI - Return On Investment


Based on the monthly cost of food of € 10,000 the potential cost savings result in € 19,200 annually or € 1,600 monthly. The operation of K5 to date confirmed these amounts with some variances depending on the type of business.

Advantage: There is no need to purchase the KITRO K5. It can be rented for 12-24 months which includes the data base. This period is usually sufficient to analyse current operations and implement changes for reduction of food waste.

Use of goods and lost profit

You will not only be able to save on costs of sales but also avoid unnecessary usage of the valuable resources, i.e. water, energy, manpower and CO2eq-emmissiones. Additionally your cost of waste disposals will decrease considerably.

K5 provides you with the opportunity to recover your loss of profit and positively impact your public profile!

These benefits allow you to concentrate on more exciting topics in your organisation, e.g. how to further differentiate from competitors and set new benchmarks – just be creative again!

Data Collection

Individual: K5 is analysing data individually – your recipes, your ingredients and most important, your prime costs. The data base will be fed with all required values on ingredients, meals and their prices

Nothing is impossible: The evaluation of of food waste during production or the measuring of the size of a portion at return from the table all data is recorded and easy to read.


Filters: daily, weekly, monthly overview

Differentiation between avoidable and non-avoidable waste

Download report as 1 pager in PDF-format

Data is available anytime in real-time :

listed by type of food and ingredients

Sorted by category

Accumulated costs of food waste

Comparison to other periods

Achieved waste reduction, etc.

Individual Interests - Common Profit

Increase your efficiency!

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